Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let’s The Ring’s Take The Risk

Definitely  , at this time , im fan for using a lot of accesories , like rings , for my personal style it’s necesary , if u ask me how define it , perhaps this it’s the way , uber accesories.. i lov excessive jewelry , ring’s say a lot about the personality , x example , which  finger are do u using it , color , type , or size , if it’s a animal , flowers, cruz, Rocks , etccc

I  think  the most importante thing for use it , its no just found the perfect color or ring for match with your look ,  the think  is found that ring what it represent you , ahaha i know sounds  so lame ,  are u kidding me……we are talking about a piece of something stuck on your fingers ahaha …. I dare you , explore , try , create ,design , and made your perfect piece of something for wear on  your fingers!!!!......

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